What disruption will the advent of digital technology bring to the collections industry? Where will traditional collections methods be supplanted by the digital revolution – and where can they work alongside digital to mutual benefit?

While many organisations are enthusiastic to bring digital transformation to their collections operations, opinion is divided on whether this change should take the form of evolution or revolution.

In this Debate, collections experts in the midst of adopting digital strategies will discuss their visions of the future.

The discussion will cover issues including:

  • Is there a future for traditional telephony and direct mail collections
  • Champion vs Challenger – what is the case for digital interaction compared with the traditional call and collect model?
  • How can digital allow for optimisation in deployment of traditional channel communications?
  • Can organisations reap the scalability benefits of a self-serve digital offering while still deploying traditional channels where most suitable?
  • Cost reduction vs better customer outcomes – where is the balance of benefit?
  • How will the FCA’s indicts of December 2016 factor into developing debt recovery strategies?


08:30 – Registration & Hot Breakfast Buffet
09:10 – Debate Starts
10:10 – Q&A
11:00 – Refreshments and Networking
12:00 – Close.


The Debate will be Chaired by Fred Crawley, Consulting Editor, Credit Strategy and Chair of the DBC for Collections.


  • Derek Usher, Managing Director, Cabot Credit Management
  • Randolph McFarlane, Head of Partnerships, Intelligent Environments
  • Sam Taylor, Customer Services Manager, Moneybarn
  • Paul Stretton, Head of Debt & Credit, Extra Energy

More panelists will be announced shortly to further include senior representatives from the Collections industry.


Attendance is invite-only. If you would like further information or would like to raise your interest in attending, then please complete the below short form.



Tuesday 28 March 2017